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Puppet Theater, Language and Thinking, Securities Market and the Ruby on Rails phenomenon - such topics were unveiled by speakers of the lecture circle 15x4 in Ivano-Frankivsk.
"Through 15x4 we attract the general public to what researchers in various fields are doing and thus promote science. The events are free to visit and it will continue to be so. Anyone can come as a listener or become a lecturer. Lectures are held regularly in different cities of Ukraine and of the world. In Ivano-Frankivsk the event was held for the first time. " - says the organizer of the lecture Ihor Yurchyshyn, chairman of the NGO "Academy of New Technologies".

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Krakow 5th– 6th April 2016
The European Congress of Local Governments is a platform that allows for the exchange of ideas and views, as well as a meeting place for local government leaders, local elites and the representatives of national administration, NGOs and businesses. The Congress will take place in ICE Kraków for the second time.